Applicant Tracking and Recruitment

Applicant tracking allows you to track and asses the applicants within the system, use filters to screen out unqualified applicants, communicate with applicants via email, and record notes form interviews. As soon as a hiring decision is made, all of the info in the applicant record (prior work history, education background, references etc.) is carried over into the Employee record.

The recruitment module allows you to post open positions on your website and on job boards, that link to the applicant tracking system, where the applicant creates their own account and enters in all of the info from their resume (so that you can use this info for filtering purposes, screening out applicants who do not meet the necessary criteria). We can create workflow to notify you and/or the hiring manager when an applicant creates an account and when they actually submit an application for a specific job posting.

Additional Benefits

A comprehensive human resources management software application is instrumental in eliminating manual HR-related tasks. Consider these added benefits when contemplating the future of your business.

  • Manage your most valuable and expensive asset smarter and more efficiently
  • Reduce overhead with minimal training
  • Ensure greater consistency and fair treatment across the organization
  • Automate error-prone manual processes and minimize liability compliance and risk